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Movement with Meaning
— exploring and celebrating the work
of  John Weaver

We begin in 1717 on the stage of London’s Drury Lane Theatre. Based entirely on historical fact, we tell the story of John Weaver, an English dancer, choreographer and scholar, fighting to achieve his dream of creating a proper dance drama in a world which saw dance as a frivolous (if lucrative) sideline. 

Then we move into the newly built, very expensive London abode of Mr Josiah Worldy, one of the nouveau riche set. We present a retelling of the fable of Pygmalion but with a 21st century feminist twist.

Our MIssion Statement

To advance public education, appreciation and understanding of the arts of historical music and dance through the exploration of the work of the English dancer, scholar and choreographer John Weaver, highlighting the rich, innovative and diverse nature of the London stage in the early 1700s with new dramatic theatrical events and educating the public in the same

If you would like to stage a performance at your venue or festival, please see our Notes for Promoters.

We are reliant on self-generated income rather than external funding.  If you are interested in supporting our company in any way please contact us.

The Weaver Ensemble Registered Charity No.1189203

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