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The Management Team

The Weaver Dance Company Ltd is an English Company Registered No. 10473177.


Board of Directors:


Dr Tony Hooley         Chairman

Tony Hooley is a serial tech-entrepreneur, inventor, and baroque music lover. His input to this project has primarily been to try to bring some order and formality to the chaos that is artistic creativity.



Evelyn Nallen            Managing Director

Evelyn Nallen, creator of this project, made her BBC debut as a recorder player at the age of nine and since then has appeared on BBC TV and BBC Radios 1, 2, 3 and 4. Together with harpsichordist David Gordon, she formed the innovative early music/jazz group Respectable Groove. Their take on Purcell’s Dido & Aeneas integrates improvisation with written compositions. Evelyn devised a programme with Respectable Groove and the French baroque dancer Gilles Poirier called Dido’s Got the Blues. In 2012, Evelyn worked with the baroque dancer and dance historian Moira Goff to create the score for The Loves of Mars and Venus which underpins the present entertainment. She teaches at the Royal Academy of Music, Junior Department.



Joanne Leatham        Finance Director

Jo Leatham is a founding member of, and treasurer for Zero Gravity - Cambridge’s premier recorder band. She is the trusted guardian of the Company coffers.

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