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About us

part ballet, part drama, part opera, and completely unique

2017 was the 300th anniversary of the very first modern ballet, and to mark this special birthday, we set up the Weaver Dance Company and devised The Loves of Mars and Venus. Stephen Wyatt wrote a brilliant script, the choreography was done by the most wonderful French baroque dance expert, Gilles Poirier, and with Jenny Miller as our Director, we put together a terrific little cast.  We gave five performances, all in very different venues and all really successful.  Everyone wanted to keep the company together, perform again and develop new programmes. 

So we have relaunched the company as The Weaver Ensemble, which will not only continue to perform The Loves of Mars and Venus but has now created a new show, our take on Rameau’s Pigmalion.   As well as enjoying discovering music of the period that has often lain unused in libraries for centuries, the company aims to demonstrate that the formal French court dancing of Louis XIV, (which is what is commonly thought of as baroque dancing), became much more accessible, fun, and often risqué, when it became part of the London theatre scene of the early Georgians.  You really do not have to be an expert in anything at all to enjoy our shows.

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