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Our Baroque Dramatick Entertainment

 John Weaver’s unique inspiration to combine the characters, narrative and expressive gesture of the early eighteenth century London theatre with the ultra-fashionable French style of court dancing was to change the future of ballet.  Our Dramatick Entertainment is a rich mix of baroque music, dance and words.

The Loves of Mars & Venus

This tells the story of John Weaver's struggle to create a proper dance drama in a theatre world which saw dance as a frivolous (if lucrative) side show.  The magic and excitement of early 18th-century theatre is evoked by an actor portraying Weaver and his stage character Vulcan, and baroque dancers playing Venus and Mars.  The on-stage ensemble perform music of the time by Lully, Purcell, Croft, Paisible, Eccles and Jeremiah Clark, and the production uses original eighteenth century choreographies.

The Loves of Pygmalion

In the sequel, the Weaver Ensemble reimagines the Pygmalion story to encompass John Weaver's 'passions and affections' expressed through dance, using choreographies of the day, with the occasional song!  Four on-stage musicians play music by Handel, Lully and Rameau.


Romain Arreghini, Chiara Vinci and Matt Devitt in

The Loves of Pygmalion

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